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A person you would not usually like but they support the same football team as you
Laurence: Hey buddy what you up to tonight?
Pete: Going round to James' to watch the game
Laurence: James is such a dick
Pete: I Know, but he's my Football Friend
#friend #buddy #mate #pal #bud
by LaurenceLipski September 24, 2007
a term of endearment towards a fellow friend. Used by adding "Bone" to the initial of the persons first name
Jimmy: Hey buddy
Pete: Hey J-Bone

(A-Z Bone)
#buddy #friend #pal #mate #blud
by LaurenceLipski September 24, 2007
bellendDerogatory term used to describe someone who does something particularly stupid
Jimmy: I having jackson five the other day when my mum walked in
Laurence: You're such a bellboy
#bellend #twat #idiot #knob #dick
by LaurenceLipski September 24, 2007
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