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A highly addictive, entertaining MMORPG where you pick a race and class, and advance in adventure level, acheivement level, and tradeskill level. No longer just for nerds, dorks, men, ect...

Many females, I being one, play this game for fun in their spare time. Due to the ever expanding increase in gaming over the past few years (2003-2006) and the demand for quality gaming experiences, the gaming community has expand far beyond what was once only virgin scraggly nerds with no lives. (though I tend to disagree with this statement as I have been a "gamer" since I was very young...Atari and Nintendo will never be a disapointment :P)

People need to realize that Everquest players arent nerds with no lives...but rather a community of people with OCD and a few spare hours here and there.
"I just bought Everquest 2, and everyone keeps thinking I am a guy. Girls, and not bad looking ones at that mind you, play games too. Just look at the Frag Dolls."
by Lauren... May 11, 2006
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