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A female who wears the pants in the relationship, and hence, she is the ultimate king, as she is the one in control of the jizzing.
That guy is soft! His girlfriend is forsure the jizz king!
by Laura Mayer February 17, 2008
A female who has tried every sexual position including 'joystick joyride' and even 'passion propellor' and wants to indulge in something new, so she goes around and sporadically smells random girls clits; this kind of girl purely likes the aroma produced by the juices of the different kinds of clits (i.e. muffs and so forth). She is a horndog, and an avid chef and baker so she likes to experiment with girls in regards to sampling the pungent smells emitted by their clits.
That girl is a total clit sniffer. I saw her through my window sniffing her mom's clit under the kitchen table. Even werider is that her dogs were sniffing her clit at the same time! That chick is a complete HD as well as a CS.
by Laura Mayer February 18, 2008

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