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a distorted state in which the mind/body experiences uncommon feelings. Results from alcohol, drugs, beatings, etc. Can be used in present tense also.
Dragon knew he was mangled after he drank the entire keg - by himself - in 3 hours.
by Laura December 03, 2003
something idiots confuse with a tomato.
yummmm, what was in that salsa? Potato?
by Laura July 04, 2003
cross between freak and retard
Like, omg! Meg is such a freaktard!
by Laura October 01, 2004
Chilly Nipple Syndrome
When i walked outside all the boys heads turned, and their pants tightend... for i was suffering some severe CNS.
by Laura January 22, 2005
I love you so much... in internet lingo.
by Laura January 01, 2005
1)a dictionary of sexual terms.
2)the way someone who is stupid spells dictionary.
1)urbandictionary.com is almost a complete dicktionary.
2)Iz tha wird "kat" n tha dicktionary?
by Laura December 12, 2004
South African for dude.
"I heard Usher's got a new song."
"Yeah, my china flipping rocks."
by Laura December 05, 2004
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