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a store found in most malls with a variety of fashionable clothes for less, similar to H&M. Forever 21 has many fashion items for different style types, such as preppy, punk, and retro. It sells tops, dresses, sweaters, outerwear, jeans, intimates, shoes, jewelery, makeup, and more, as well as a new clothing line for men.
I just went to Forever 21, and bought a bunch of cute stuff for cheap!
by Laughingout_loud August 15, 2010
a phrase someone who is unsure and insecure about their sexuality says to make whatever they just said sound less homosexual. However, it always makes whatever phrase previously sound even more gay.
You're pretty. No homo.
by Laughingout_loud August 15, 2010
a store that sells clothing aimed at pre-teens and teens. Aeropostale is one of the main preppy stores, others including Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., and American Eagle. While it is considered similar to these three stores, Aeropostale is known for its cheaper prices and frequent sales. Many people claim that the quality of Aero isn't as good as Abercrombie. However, while the difference can be seen between the two, Aero clothing is still very durable.
Aeropostale sells a variety of shirts, jeans, hoodies, and accessories for both girls and guys, at a low price.
by Laughingout_loud August 15, 2010
a store found in many malls that seems like a punk store. However, if you ever happen to go inside, you'll realize it's nothing but a store dedicated to music. It's not just a store for "punk music"; even some preppy people shop there: some to buy a Justin Bieber shirt, others to get a Twilight poster. However, there are some people that just like clothes Hot Topic sells. There are even some Abercrombie & Fitch wearers who like to stop by. While the clothing is bad quality, and overpriced for the quality, many people don't seem to mind or complain, since there aren't many stores in the mall just like it.
Let's go to Hot Topic to find a couple shirts of my favorite bands!
by Laughingout_loud August 15, 2010

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