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Flalooping is, in essence, the act of stopping yourself from Flalooping when you're Flalooping. You must first recognize that you are in fact Flalooping, and then stop and go back to normal. The best way to stop someone else from Flalooping is by yelling something along the lines of "I see that you're Flalooping right now, and it needs to stop!" The person who was Flalooping will instantly apologize and return to what they'd been doing prior to being called out for Flalooping.
Girl: *Flalooping* So this one time, when I was at the mall...
Guy: Excuse me, Miss? I hate to be rude, but you're Flalooping and it's making me uncomfortable.
Girl: Oh crap! I'm so sorry! *Stops Flalooping* So anyways, so this one time, when I was at the mall...
by LatexAllergy January 21, 2011

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