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Trigger Warning is a disclaimer for autistic, emotionally unstable people who cannot read certain words without having a self diagnosed 'panic attack' due to their self-diagnosed PTSD. Words like rape, cut, gun, bbq, twix bar, bus, penis, basically any word can trigger a tumblr feminazi into a sweating, crying mess. Rather than growing up, trigger warnings are meant to make people attempt to avoid words that would 'trigger' someone. Clearly writers and bloggers and authors should censor themselves because the hamplanets of the world cannot deal with reading some letters on a screen
*tumblr feminazi browses the internet and sees the word rape*

*has a horrible flashback of the one time she slept with a guy, and regretted it later because he didn't make her cum or her friend made fun of her for sleeping with someone they thought was unattractive.*


*cuts herself with a butter knife*
by Lateralusmaster August 11, 2014
The act of an adult (18+), having consensual sex with someone under the age of 18 (varies from state to state, at least from 16-18), but due to state law, the minor cannot legally consent, so the adult gets fucked over for nothing even though no actual rape took place.
Even though my girlfriend is 16 and I'm 18 and she consented to us having sex, I was charged with statutory rape because her parents can't handle the fact that their daughter is a teenager with hormones and decided to try and send me to jail.
by Lateralusmaster May 27, 2011

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