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A gay, hedonistic proto-dog. The cat is probably the only untamed domestic animal as it has no need for humans, only uses them in the facilitating of its ritualistic food, sleep, and orgy habits.

The only animal known to man that when talked to, can express the concept "fuck off, fuck off now" without moving a muscle.
The cat will eat you when you die alone in your apartment.
by Late_Edition July 30, 2010
"Doofus" is a bastardization of the native southern Finnish word "dorfus" which means "one without a pontiff goat." The word is used ironically on Facebook pages and forums to refer to one who is intellectually challenged, yet displays notable cerebral capacity. Popularized on 4Chan, it is now a well known internet meme.
You Doofus.

Did you just say "Dorfus" because the use of that word would be erroneous.

No, I said Doofus.

by Late_Edition October 23, 2010

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