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1)Most of you haters think its a place to bang hookers, get married to some bitch you just met, lose all your money gambling, the letter X, etc. 2)Tourist think its a nice city with casinos, lights, fine restaurants, good attractions etc. 3)But we residents think its a place that isn't filled with bullshit, good weather after you get used to it. Many people move out here from California because they need the money or recently lost their jobs.
1) rich guy: Hey man, lets go to Vegas to party, gamble and bang hookers.

2) tourist: Lets go to Vegas to have a nice vacation and to relax.

3) local resident: I moved to Vegas because the minimum wage is higher and they pay good money at the casino.

4) native resident: Vegas is a nice town especially father away from the Strip because you get no trouble and live peacefully.
by LastUser July 06, 2005

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