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Formed in 1993 East Haven, Connecticut by Fat Chris. Stands for Red Eye Brothers. Bunch of wanna be gangsters trying to make and name for themselves. Later allied themsleves with SKN during The SKN War. Fat Chris met his untimely demise three year after the war's conclusion and the defeat of SKN.
Red Eye Brothers. Eyes turned red from smoking pot.
by LastGuardian November 17, 2004
Sigma Kappa Nu
Often spelled out on red greek letters within a triangle.

A mostly all white Frat turned mafia-type wanna be black crew who in truest form were racist.

In the 1990's attempted to gain connections on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut tried to infiltrate various gangs, cliques, and crews.

defeated by an organized resistance in a 5 year conflict called The SKN War
Suburban gang trying to conquer the urban from the inside.
by LastGuardian November 17, 2004

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