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A spell in the Harry Potter series that cuts the target several times like a sword. It was invented by Severus Snape and chronicled in his annotated Potions schoolbook, where Harry Potter learned it. The cuts can only be healed immediately after infliction by a countercurse also created by Severus Snape.

The spell is ineffective on Inferi or other creatures who do not have or need blood.

The name derives from the Latin sectum, "cut", and semper, "always"
Harry Potter dropped Draco Malfoy like a convulsing brick by slashing him with the effects of Sectumsempra.
by LaserPhaser May 21, 2010
A state of self-entitlement usually caused by a birthday or holiday, often to the displeasure of others.
All you bought him was the Brood War Expansion Pack? You know he gets really bridal on his birthday.
by LaserPhaser June 23, 2010
The act of standing in front of another player in a first-person shooter game to shield them from enemy fire. It is mainly used to guard somebody as they accomplish an objective of some sort such as defusing an explosive or carrying the flag in 'capture the flag' games. Also known as meatshielding(though 'meatshield' implies that the guard is being used against his will)
His teammate was leadmongering the whole time!
by LaserPhaser June 25, 2010
A common kitchen-dwelling Homo sapien, member of the Homo genus of bipedal primates in Hominidae, the great ape family. They have been domesticated by humans and function well in human society, similar to horses and dogs.

They can be trained to fetch refreshments and sam-wiches, which involves leaving their natural kitchen-based habitat.

They are fickle in nature, and have a tendency to make loud high-pitched barks. Some have speculated that it is a form of communication that is as yet unknown.
It is a good idea to set up bear traps in your kitchen, as Females are overpopulated in this area.
by LaserPhaser June 23, 2010
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