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Slang for motherfucker.
You is a honky mahfah!
by Laser November 13, 2002
Romanji spelling of the Japanese word: "Switch board operator".

Also, a female IRC user \o/ who hsa teh cat and naems teh bots.
Kokanshu si teh switch board operator and she controls all your calls.
by laser June 23, 2003
A Face that resembles tit(s).
He has a tit head.
by laser August 16, 2003
V. to rape or attempt to rape any mildly attractive girl at a frat party.
See hunter
Yo man you were really hoggin that girl last night.

response: I know she was drunk but i really wanted to fuck her.
by Laser March 13, 2005
Euphemism for a penis; dick; weener; wang; dillydad; thingy; pinky; spike; bruno; butch; big thang; etc...
I have a large doohicky.
by Laser November 13, 2002
Euphemism for sperm.
I made a tractor...
by Laser November 13, 2002
A group of idiots, dictated by idiots; Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler is a Nazi!
by Laser November 13, 2002
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