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An unfortunate condition in which the taint (the often hair-bespeckled, flrshy space between balls and ass) is wallowing in the depths of a vile, festering, putrid poo swamp. A generally uncomfortable, unwipable ass. The only cure is gold bond.
Jesus Christ, I hope Janice doesn't notice the permeating stench of my swamp ass while she's sucking on my balls!
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 08, 2003
The ultimate in sphincter dwellery. Juice action formed in the crotchular region, somewhat similar to fromunda cheese. That nasty shit, yo.
Damn B, that schmancter done been rippin up my genitalia like Linda Tripp on a honey baked ham.
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 12, 2003
The ultimate in deucular pleasure. This fucking deuce is so hot, that your ass will explode on impact... As yor rectum fires feces at an astronomical rate be it either solid or liquid often resulting in spizzle barf
Man, I gots to drop a turbo deuce like Bruce done ridden Spruce Moose and goddamn it'll be colored chartreuse.
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 12, 2003
When in the prosess of dropping a turbo deuce all that is released from one's rectum, is a warm, festering, inflammatory liquid. Can be a caatalyst to the creation of a poo swamp.
Dude, my current poo swamp dwellery is utterly vile because that chili I grubbed on gave me the most horridly foul case of ass piss.
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 12, 2003
When during the act of coitus, one rocks on some seriously heinous, turboblastular doo doo spray all up in their partner's domepiece. The noxious, miasmatic remains could be categorized as poo swampular.
It just seemed so appropriate... action was called for and I pulled a Diahrrea Pearlman right then and there, unloading my corrupt, fetid ass piss directly into her mouth.
by Larry Schonsleberry III April 19, 2004
verb: to be fucked. completely fucked. so fucked that you'll never make it out. you're a goner.
Oh shit! Homeboy got straight schonsleberried.
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 12, 2003
What my drunken next door neighbor wrote on my bathroom mirror in shaving cream. It is a combination of his last name and his own self-professed stupidity. Now... go die in a poo swamp
Why the fuck is spizzle barf written on my mirror in shaving cream? And why isn't there a mouth on my nard sack? Damn that Aunt Jemima.
by Larry Schonsleberry III December 12, 2003

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