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Refers to turds in the toilet.
Hey, who left the niggers in the pool? Next time remember to flush!
#larry major #turds #pool #nigger #niggers #omaha #shit #toilet
by Larry Major in Omaha August 11, 2012
When you're lost while driving and suddenly realize you're in an area infested with niggers.
You can imagine our nigger-shock when we took a wrong turn off the interstate and soon realized we were in a neighborhood inhabited by niggers.
#nigger #shock #larry #major #ghetto #spooks #negroes #drive #lost
by larry Major In Omaha September 24, 2012
Eric Holder is a perfect example of a token puppet nigger appointed to the position of U.S. Attorney General that functions as dictated by a racially biased, self-serving, administration that will not uphold the law with respect to any legal issue that may reflect negatively on blacks, whom they rely on to further their political agenda(s). At the time of this writing, two major issues face this scum sucking moolie. The first being the refusal to pursue black on white crime as 'hate' crime, even though it is obvious to everybody that this was the motive. The second is the 'Fast and Furious' scandal that ultimately helped cause the deaths of law enforcement personnel. The agenda here being the false argument in favor of banning semi-automatic firearms, claiming they are falling into the hands of criminals across the border. This of course they would hope would open the flood gates to still more forms of gun control in an attempt to disarm the American public.
That shitstain Eric Holder - Attorney General is refusing to present documents relating to the Fast and Furious scandal to congress. I hope they don't just nail the spook for contempt, but throw his worthless watermelon ass in the slammer with some Aryan Brotherhood folks. Ever see the videos of this coon talking about brainwashing America’s youth against firearms? A prime example of how a nigger feels this country should be run.
#holder #eric holder #obama #fast and furious #fast #furious #guns #mexico #nigger
by Larry Major In Omaha September 24, 2012
Another name for niggers. An older reference, but still effective and in use.
I was walking downtown and was approaches by two buffaloes demanding spare change. A few blocks down I ran into a few more selling drugs. Niggers are a plague on society.
#nigger #niggers #drugs #buffaloes #buffalo #spooks #jigaboo
by Larry Major In Omaha September 23, 2012
Angry Nigger Syndrome is what niggers frequently experience when the reality of their nigger lifestyle nails them. Their life of crime such as stealing, rape, mugging, murder, drugs, etc. catches up with them. They refuse to assume any responsibility for their destructive culture and they just do what they see other niggers doing: BLAMING THE WHITE MAN. They use racism as their excuse to riot and loot, as if they need an excuse. With a 73% out-of-wedlock birth rate, they grow older without any parental guidance or education other than how to get free stuff from the system like welfare. A life of crime accepts them willingly and they end up dead or incarcerated.
There go the race pimps Sharpton and Jackson promoting angry nigger syndrome again by convincing the stupid niggers that they are the victims of the white man and that society owes them. The white man actually is to blame for lying down to these media whores who continue spewing their bullshit and influencing a society that gets even more divided with that nigger propaganda. The liberal media caters to these monkeys and also negatively influences young non-negro’s. You can pamper a wild animal (a good nigger analogy) or a spoiled brat to shut them up and they will continue to raise hell whenever they want something. How much longer can this country continue to afford to pamper these sub-human animals? A race war may be the only solution. A more peaceful solution would be mandatory sterilization.
#angry nigger #nigger #angry #spook #riot
by Larry major in Omaha October 31, 2013
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