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Brooklynese for "did you eat?"
Hey baby! Glad you called, I was just gonna grab a bite... juh'eet? You wanna come?
by Larry LaRue January 31, 2004
"(day of the week here)" face refers to the look on ones face once they have arrived home from work on "X" day. It is assumed that your Friday face is much better looking than your Tuesday face.
Hey! what's up w/ the Monday face girl? It's Thursday! It's almost the weekend, cheer up!
by Larry LaRue January 31, 2004
Best friend; A friend so close that they do every thing together.
Chill Yo... I gotta call my Manbitch to see what he is doing!?!
by Larry LaRue January 31, 2004
Stylized version of the word Style
Dude 1:Yar! that was an awesome double reverse triple dip fakie front side Dude!
Dude 2: Yeah man. I dig his Steelo's!
by Larry LaRue January 31, 2004

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