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An innocent man who was framed of killing a cop by a bunch of pigs because of the color of his skin. In September 2011, he was finally murdered under the guise of execution. You kill a guilty person, it's execution. You kill an innocent person, it's murder.
Jim: Do you trust the government?

Sam: Yes, the government in the U. S. of A. can do no wrong!

Jim: That's not true, they murdered Troy Davis!
by Larry Busch January 17, 2015
Two authors (William Strauss and Neil Howe) who write books about the generations: Lost, G.I., Silent, Boomer, Thirteenth, Millennial and Homelander. They say that today's youth, the Millennial Generation, are a generation of authoritarian, bland, all-American, clean-cut, preppy little fascists who are destined to march behind Bushitler]. They claim we oppose gay rights, youth rights, drug legalization, flag-burning, the anti-corporate and anti-globalization movements and premarital sex, and support the draft. They claim we will be just like the whitewashed boy scouts of World War II, the Greatest Generation, and believe that corporations can do no wrong and whatever the government does is right. Somehow, they draw the conclusion that Millennials trust their government even after SOPA/PIPA, the execution of Troy Davis, the White House Trespass Act, gulag schools and voter disenfranchisement of under18s, public schools that have become prisons, and cops who harass teens (or even over21s who look like teens), shoot people's dogs, arrest people for protesting, and get their "right" to cheat people protected by the Supreme Court. Another thing they got wrong about us is when they said we would be willing to trade liberty for security after 9/11. In reality, we were one of the few generations that DIDN'T get behind Bush or put security ahead of liberty after that tragic September day.
Greg: What's that you're reading?

Natalie: It's "The Fourth Turning", a book by Strauss and Howe.

Greg: What's about about?

Natalie (taking sip of her coffee): Oh, it's about how kids our age are supposed to follow social norms and march dutifully under our elder authority figures instead of rebelling.

Greg: In a world where the principal can have someone arrested for burping in class, a world where the cops arrest kids who go out when their parents ground them for dating someone of a different race, a world where gays can't marry in more than forty states and most countries of the world, a world where corporations have people arrested for starting websites they don't like, a world there the president and Establishment want to drill for petroleum re$erve$, a world where Occupy protestors get shot by filth, how could we NOT rebel?

Natalie: Yeah, tjose were my thoughts.
by Larry Busch July 28, 2012
A conlanger (language inventor) who keeps creating conlangs, then deprecating them and starting new ones.
My first conlang was Arushtrian. It was a relex of English, so I scrapped it as soon as I realized how n00bish it was. Then I took Latin and created Vettizish, an uninspired Latin clone. I scrapped that. Then I created Edétonzhuq, a kitchen-sink lang, and when I realized how unworkable it was I trashed that one too. Then I created Apharish, but after 1 page of grammar and 2 words of lexicon I abandoned it. Then I created Ghandizka, and three weeks later I scrapped it too. I worked out the case system and morphosyntactic alignment for Mezzobradian, but after a month I had only gotten to a 1,200-word grammar and fewer than 100 words of lexicon, and got rid of it as well. I've just started on Pissschludel two seconds ago. I'm a scrapper.
by Larry Busch July 28, 2012
A member of a subculture characterized by striped polos, messy hair, popped collars and cargo pants/shorts or ripped jeans. Stripers are usually male. They listen to both contemporary music and classic rock. There are stripers in the Americas and in Eorope.
When I saw Steve had grown his hair to an unkempt length and put on a striped polo, I knew he had become a striper.
by Larry Busch December 13, 2010

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