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One who views your myspace areas compulsively, without any communication with you in myspace or real life.
Why my ex-girlfriend has become a myspace stalker is puzzling, unless she is concocting an evil scheme of some sort, or she can't get laid.
by Lar January 05, 2006
A vodka phenomenon, where significant periods of time are traveled past and the intoxicated person believes they have teleported to a new physical location where minutes, hours, days, or even weeks have passed.
After five dirty martinis and a dose of Ecstasy I went to the men's room and right when I stepped out I was squeezing the badunkadunk of Queen Latifah from behind in a stall in the ladies room. There were red horned monkeys perched on the walls moving their heads back and forth watching her huge breasts jiggling, and I knew that I had gone time traveling again.
by Lar December 31, 2005
1. When one is still screwed up and unable to deal with members of the sex of their sexual preference after dumped by a true love.

2. When one is still fucked up in the head for such a prolonged period that the damaage appears permanent, so they stay at home every spare moment they have intoxicated and alone. Attempts to socialize cause more confusion or pain.
Larry was so head afterphucked by Kristal that he spent all his money on cocaine and vodka, and he couldn't do anything about it because he mistrusted everyone especially women, and couldn't deal with it in a healthy way.
by Lar December 17, 2005

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