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a girl who is addicted 2 cum. its kind of like how every1 takes there garbage to the dumpster but in this situation all the guys dump their loads in the slut's vagina. she's usually extremely loose
b4 i met my gf chelsea, i slept w/ a loose cum dumpster named suzy
by Lapdog August 10, 2004
1)When girls get make up on there face
2)Blocking a shot in basketball
3)When a guy blows his load all over the girls face after a bj. Usually does it because it looks more degrading than her spitting/swallowing
1)My sister always goes 2 the salon 2 get a facial.
2)Oh! Jermaine O'Neal gives Rip Hamiltion a facial! What a play!
3)My girlfriend Chelsea has me pussy whipped, but i return the favor by giving her a facial and degrading her
by Lapdog August 10, 2004

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