3 definitions by Lance Corporal Dawson Furburger

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v. To relieve oneself of feces in a violent or obscene manner.
"I was hitting the sauce hard last night and housing baked beans. When I woke up in the morning I felt the urgent need to drop anchor. The shite dropped out of my turd-cutter like a sack of potatoes and I felt like I nearly blew out my o-ring."
n. A long, stinky, big pussy usually accompanied by a furburger.
"I was with this pig last night, and I went to house that tuna pita, but I couldn't see past that big ol' furburger."
n. A woman's vagina, with or without muff, at the bloodiest point of a menstral cycle.
"I was getting at this pig last night, ready to get my weasel wet, until I saw that bloody hatchet mark leaking like a sieve, so I chose to go around back and penetrate that turd cutter."

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