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The name of a shopping center in Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, Narre Warren called Fountain Gate which a gang supposedly 'own' the place and walk around with Stanly knives.
Fights happen there every Friday night against the crips and the bloods, someone usually gets stabbed which thereafter the security guards then come to break up.
"Hey braa, you going to fg later tonight to see the fg boys beat the shit outta the bloods?"
"Fuck yeah man."
by Lanah September 15, 2007
Originated from Germany, the word Dounkoph relates to many definitions:
- idiot
- stupid
- fag
- loser
- dumbass
- cunt
- bitch
- dickhead
- bastard
and you get the point.
A man is cleaning the boot of a Germans car.
"Ay Sir Dounkoph, watch out for the CD player in my trunk yah... idiot"
by Lanah September 15, 2007

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