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1. A noise.
2. A synonym for "cool," "awesome," originating in Liverpool, if I recall correctly. Either way, it's mostly used by Scousers.

Note: Please stop complaining about how we're getting the definition wrong, you yanks. Try looking it up on Wikipedia or on Google, you blithering twats.
- "Did you hear that sound, dear?"
- "The footy was well sound, weren't it, our Baz?"
- "You self proclaimed 'grammatically correct' yanks are not sound."
by LameyT August 13, 2006
1. A certain period (usually a day) during the year which is commemorating a certain religious event ("Holy Day").
2. British term for "vacation."
- "Happy Holidays!"
- "Yes, 'Holiday' is exactly the same thing as 'vacation,' you blithering twat. (Remind me never to speak to yanks again...)"
by LameyT August 13, 2006
*see sex*

Used to describe someone who has tremendous sex appeal.
- "Your mum is sexlicious."
by LameyT July 02, 2006
1. A synonym for awesome, sexy and dyslexic.
2. A popular cider.
- "The garden is looking very VenomWolffang today, dear!"
- "A VenomWolffang walks into a bra to go to a DNA (National Dyslexics Association) meeting..."
- "Yes, I'll have a pint of VenomWolffang and a packet of crisps, please."
by LameyT June 24, 2006

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