3 definitions by LamerGamer

One of those candelstick things that can hold many candels
I fell down the staits on to a candelabrum today. It hurt my spleen.
by LamerGamer February 06, 2004
The process of being stuck in some way to a room entilted S11.
Did you hear Mike was Eselevened today , man he sucks.
by LamerGamer February 10, 2004
Noun: Term for an idiotic 13 year old girl who never gives up. No matter how much you tell them they need to learn grammar or need to open thier mind they won't. Also extremly politically incorrect using terms like "gay" to describe something poor. Cyndars can only exist on the internet.
Boy 1: God, she was talking to me last night..
Boy 2: Who? That Lauren girl?
Boy 1: Yeh she's such a Cyndar.
Boy 2: Damn straight, she needs some correcting.
by LamerGamer March 17, 2004

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