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Guarded by the clitoris and ass hole, this dark, wet and aromatic cave is meant to be the resting place of the elusive G-spot. Note that the G-spot, like dragons, vampires and other cave dwelling mythical beasts have not been proven to exist, and are unlikely to be in the near future, genetic engineering aside.

Note that the vagina, like draculas wive's, is a double edged sword. It often gives untold pleasures and after 9 months sucks the life out of you!

Vaginas are often used as bait to capture unsuspecting males, they can be found in bars and clubs across the world touting for a new host. Unlike sport fishermen who also use bait to catch their prey, vagina owners are unlikey to just take a picture of their catch and let it go.

Most species who observe a reliance on other animals tend to have a symbiotic relationship with their provider, the leech is an example of this, they take what they need and leave. Vagina owners tend to take everything and leave just an empty shell, note that this does not mean other vagina owners will not try to snare the shell and remove the last scrapings of humanity.
"Her vagina was his downfall, without it she would have had no power over him."

"A vagina, a vagina, my kingdom for a vagina" - King Richard III's lesser knowing saying in Shakespeares play, this scene edited out to fit the play into a 2 hour show.
by Lambardo September 24, 2006
1) A toilet, or place used as a toilet. Derived from army camps where pits were used to shit in.

2) Derogatory term to describe a place, bar, club, pub or anywhere that has unsanitary conditions or just shit music/drinks/women etc.
Student - "What do you think of my new digs?"
Parent - "Its a fucking shit pit!"

London is a shit pit
by Lambardo September 26, 2006
A mixture of a kagaroo, a gorilla and a pig, often used to describe the most dire looking of people, the ones who are the "ugly stick".
1) "Fuck me!, your sisters a kangorillapig."
2) "Thats OK, I don't have to hump her."
1) "Lucky guy!"
2) "True"
by Lambardo September 24, 2006
1) Ugly, to the point of distraction, mainly used to describe women.

2) Disgusting, stinking or Minging

Often used to describe the ugliest of women, the ones where even a great personality won't save them. Hotching women tend to own several cats, they see them as their "children", you have been warned!!!
1) "That lass you pulled last night was hotching!"
2) "Tell me about it, one her cats even shat in my shoe, she was a stinking swamp donkey!"
by Lambardo September 24, 2006
The effect of a man with a long penis shagging a woman and penetrating that little bit too far, commonly associated with the breaking of a Banjo String. Other side effects include Limp Dick, Soft Ons, Fanny Farts and stomach cramps (for the woman).
A - "Hey mate, whats with the limp"
B - "I shagged my lass last night and she lifted her legs too high and I ended up giving her the full length, she got a womb stretch and I snapped my banjo, stupid bitch!"
A - "Ouch, You gonna dump her"
B - "Yeah, once its repaired, I still need some careful wanks of the next couple of weeks and I'm not explaining this to any other women"
by Lambardo September 24, 2006

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