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One of the very few in-between shows on Nick. That is, it is in-between pure genius and total bullshit. Sometimes, it can be side-splittingly hilarious. Other times, it can be the same pop culture crap that pollutes all other shows on nickelodeon. This goes with shows like Spongebob or All That.
person 1: did you watch The Fairly Odd Parents last night?
person 2: yeah, it wasnt that great, they had that fag from Nsync on there.
person 1: yeah, but the one after it was funny!
person 2: true, true.
by Lamb_OF_Dog May 08, 2006
a guy/girl who is opinionated to the point of absurdity. Generally, these people need attention badly.
guy: OMG!! Bush sucks, guns are bad, we should totally legalize pot, i hate abercrombie, i am so punk, i hate preps, i think..
me: stfu and quit being an opinion whore.
guy: well, you know what.
me: no, and frankly i dont care.
by Lamb_OF_Dog May 21, 2006

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