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A legendary rapper. Still dead but making millions of dollars of his records

2 pac the best rapper ever
by Lamar May 07, 2004
1. A person addicted to prescription painkillers

2. a fan of the Rush Limbaugh show
by Lamar October 10, 2003
A person from the tribe of Devin who's orgin started in Califonia then migrated to the Utah
The devinite likes ice cream
by Lamar August 22, 2003
When a bitch stomach will stick out and her bootywont
Bitch you got that bootywont
by lamar May 08, 2004
Generic slang term for illegal prescription pain killers, (i.e oxycontin, percoset, etc.)
My doctor didn't renew my prescription, so I had to get my dittos from a nurse I know.
by Lamar October 10, 2003
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