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5 definitions by Lamar

A legendary rapper. Still dead but making millions of dollars of his records

2 pac the best rapper ever
by Lamar May 07, 2004
430 129
1. A person addicted to prescription painkillers

2. a fan of the Rush Limbaugh show
by Lamar October 10, 2003
290 207
A person from the tribe of Devin who's orgin started in Califonia then migrated to the Utah
The devinite likes ice cream
by Lamar August 22, 2003
5 1
When a bitch stomach will stick out and her bootywont
Bitch you got that bootywont
by lamar May 08, 2004
4 6
Generic slang term for illegal prescription pain killers, (i.e oxycontin, percoset, etc.)
My doctor didn't renew my prescription, so I had to get my dittos from a nurse I know.
by Lamar October 10, 2003
7 18