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v. The leaving of fecal matter in the tank of ones toilet, turning the water brown. Primarily done as revenge or a drunken practical joke, but sometimes in an emergency when the bowl is clogged.

n. The shit that is left in tank during such an act.
I got so wasted last night I upper decked Sean, his bathroom is going to stink for weeks.
by Lama March 08, 2003
1. Tibetan/Mongolian priest
A teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. Could literally mean either 'Spiritual one' or be from 'La', meaning highest, and 'ma', meaning mother.

The term 'Lama' especially refers to a teacher (guru) of Tantra, but also to the enlightened nature (or 'inner teacher') of such gurus - but not to just any Tibetan monk.

Similarly, it is used in other honorific terms such as 'Dalai Lama', which specifically refer to reincarnated Lamas.

2. Genus
The term 'lama' also refers to the genus of camelids that includes llamas and alpacas. It also is used in reference to female llamas.
Llama: Lama glama
Alpaca: Lama pacos
Guanaco: Lama huonaeus

3. Laughing Ass Majorly Away
Self-explanatory really.

4. Common mispelling of animal, llama
This has led to many people declaring the incorrect phrase 'Lama lama duck!', thinking that they are referencing a certain Flash animation. Moreover this has led to the random and often pointless insertion of the word 'Lama' into conversation - highly confusing for some.
Properly applied, this term refers to one who has developed the highest qualities and therefore directly perceives all beings impartially with the selfless love and compassion of a mother for an only child.

"Llama! Lama, duck!"
by Lama June 15, 2006
uhhhhhhhh... A sex girl who one day dreams of becoming a lesbian...or just perfomring in a sexual act with a female.
Aliki wants some LURVIN!!
ohhh BAYBAY!!! ehhhhh
by Lama December 09, 2004

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