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The One who has graduated the "SAALE" & "GANDU" knightships and has been rewarded with this surname. Further qualifiactions include BHOSADI KE, BETICHOD, BEHANCHOD n finally, MADARCHOD. If u still love him, u can address him by his sweet name.
Do u really need examples!!! (have a mirror)
by Lalit December 12, 2003
A phrase used to minimize the damage after insulting someone. Often accompanied by "I didn't mean that" or "Just kidding".
Damm you're so fat, you can't even jump to a conclusion...Ha Ha just kidding...you know I love ya.
by Lalit May 23, 2004
an arrogant bastard
My name is Lalit and I am a jealous freak.
by LaLit August 30, 2003
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