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3 definitions by Lalalala!

An updated version of the bomb, meaning something very cool.
Person 1: That's awesome.

Person 2: I know, it's like thebomb.com.

Person 1: Uh, yeah.
by Lalalala! May 07, 2006
Used to decribe a situation similar to that during the sinking of the Titanic. Can also be used as Titanic Too, though that sounds even stupider.

When it's really cold, when something goes horribly wrong, when something unexpected happens, etc.
It's like Titanic 2 in here!
by Lalalala! May 07, 2006
Someone that is not very smart.
Someone that does something stupid.
Someone who is mentally challenged.

Billy: Horses don't have hooves until the farmer nails them on.
Jack: So, what do they have before that?
Billy: Feet?
Jack: ... You're slow in the head like a big pizza pie!
by Lalalala! May 08, 2006