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Mountain Lakes; a superbly wealthy aristocratic town 40 miles from NYC. The "ML kids" are all sons and daughters of old-money European aristocrats. Do not blame the girls if they must look gorgeous, it's peer pressure. And no, they do not get up at 5am to do their makeup....they get up at 3:30. The boys are bred for lacrosse ability and in-between games and maintaining their 4.0s... they all play Halo 2. Laker's don't sleep, they take Ecstacy, which their parents by for them. Beirut isn't only played on weekends, but there is actually an elitest group of students who play every day. No one knows who is in it, but every one in the school wants to join. These are the wealthiest and most fabulously dressed of all students at MLHS. You can tell them apart from their Oscar de la Renta sweaters and BMs. In class, the wealthiest kids pick on all the others. If you're not in the "in" crowd, you basically are not allowed to have friends. Loser guys pop their pink polos, and the girls (who, of course, are all "hoes") chase after them in their respective Mercedes. Officers are afraid to pull students over, and will never fine them for drinking. No one likes Lakers, BT hates Lakers, families are dysfunctional, people start smoking crack at 4, play Lacross at 4 1/2, will never be caught without daddys credit card, a "C-note," and makeup kit. If you don't fit into this category, you are not welcome. Oh, and lastly; all Mountain Lakers can fly, clear 100' buildings, and score 1600 on the SAT.

If you believe any of this, never, ever go to Mountain Lakes. I don't think you'll be able to stand the shock. And, all you dumbasses, look up stereotype in the dictionary. It's because of intolerant people like you that there is hate in the world.
"Hey student-that-is-usually-not-very- social-and-has- never-attended-a-party-before!
I'm glad to see that you're coming out more. Want to play beirut?"
"No, I don't really drink."
"That's cool. Let me introduce you to some people."

"durh, i hate mountin laks"
"gheh, yeh. lets be k00l and make fun of them at urbandictionary.com"
"were awesome dood"
by Lak April 21, 2005

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