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small breasts like a smart car is to a regular sized car
Guy1: Whoa that chick has small boobs!
Guy2: Yeah that chick has smart boobs
by Lagoona January 09, 2011
The establishment, enforcement, interpretation and review of laws in a manner that is unbiased with regards to gender with the goal of gender equal legal outcomes.
If there are male and female coaccused and one is offered a plea bargain to testify against the other at a trial, there would be an equal chance that either the male or female is offered the plea bargain resulting in affirmative justice.

There would be an equal percentage (ie 50%) of inmates being male and female.
by Lagoona January 09, 2011
Social determinants that have created and maintained a disproportionate bias against males in the justice system that prevents them from having equal treatment and opportunity in society.
The father is a better parent that the mother, but custody of their child, upon separation, is given to the mother because of the glass bars.

Frank and Jane are coaccused in a crime. Jane is offered a plea bargain if she testifies against Frank, but Frank is not given that option because of the glass bars.
by Lagoona December 17, 2011
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