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2 definitions by LadyLicker

A massive chode that only ejaculates during a full moon
Can't wait for this full moon. My takasamowen is ready to burst.
by Ladylicker February 02, 2014
1. a person of piglike character, behavior, or habits, as one who is gluttonous, very fat, greedy, selfish, or filthy.
2. Slang. a slatternly, sluttish woman.
3. a cruel, coarse, filthy, or otherwise beastlike person.
—Synonyms 1. See animal. 3. cad, swine, pig, brute, savage, ogre, monster, barbarian.

EX : That Hookr stole Ted's burrito and ate in in one bite.
by LadyLicker February 17, 2008