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2 definitions by Lady7Fire

A combination of the words "trouble" and "problems" meaning to have large issues or to fail at something.
Person 1: Apparently Lady GaGa has a penis. That is so hot!
Person 2: Dude, you have some serious troublems.

Person 1: Wow, I just smacked myself in the head with my own knee.
Person 2: Having some troublems with coordination?
by Lady7Fire June 15, 2011
Verb. To ignore/block someone from a RP. Also to hypocrisyze hugely. To be a total female dog to those who are new to RP.
PRer 1: What happened to you yesterday?
RPer 2: I made a mistake while RPing and AyePwnN00BS totally Trix'd me.

RPer 1: Your name is John, right?
RPer 2: OOC: I never told you that. You awful godmodder. I'll never RP with you again.
PRer 1: Oh great. He's gonna Trix me.
by Lady7Fire November 13, 2011