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Code word for gang bang. More commonly used by sexual deviants in order to lure unsuspecting prey into a trap. The sexual deviants then have the opportunity to tie the prey up in a wooden chair and rip their favorite articles of clothing in half. Also known as kidnapping.
What the prey hears: "What do you guys think about getting together tonight for some ould sod-Karaoke?"

Translation: "You guys up for a gang bang later on?"

"Sure I'll bring the rope if you bring the drinks"

by Lady123456 February 17, 2009
A penis that is gross, little and nobody wants to touch it.
"I dry heave every time I remember Zack's booger penis."

"Please turn out the lights so I don't have to see your booger penis"
by Lady123456 January 16, 2009
A penis that is hot, spicy and you want it in your mouth.
"That jalapenis was so hot, I could barely keep it in my mouth"
by Lady123456 January 20, 2009

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