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Sexy bitch, too attractive for his own good, and silver tongued like the fucking devil.

The biblical Josiah was King of the Jews, and he got mad hos.
Josiah's got a monster cock, don't make him dick-whip you Jew's in shape.
by Lady Of The Valley February 20, 2009
When you get sloppy drunk and think it'd be real clever to write some irresponsible, hateful, or degrading things on the internet for all to see. This could also include pictures and usually involves a couple of conniving friends.

The drunken mishaps are usually forgotten until a year or so later when someone puts an urbandictionary.com status game on Facebook.
Person- I'm a real asshole when I drink sometimes, I can take 'drunk publish' to a whole other level.

Person 2- Pity you usually forget.
by Lady of the Valley February 03, 2010
A "bagger" is a term for someone who is below par on the attractive scale, so below you have to put a bag over their head.
A "double-bagger" is someone so hideous, you have to put a bag not only over their head, but your own.
"I heard you had sex with that really nasty skank who's always at the bars on Mondays."

"Yeah, I was so wasted,she was a complete double-bagger."
by Lady Of The Valley March 16, 2009

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