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2 definitions by Lady Jane

postmodern redevelopment of the word "gay" - it now implies all the formerly offensive stereotypes of uselessness / weakness then associated with effeminate homosexual men in 1970's sitcoms, whilst carrying with it no actual implied sexuality connotations.
My computer is being ghey.

by Lady Jane January 17, 2007
Making friends, not being scared to make a fool of yourself, being giddy and sharing adventures. Silliness

a rallying call for 'internet weirdos' at various festivals. We have long camped under the vloody cloody flag and invariably, whenever you shout out those words you'll end up talking to some random or other.
just go to a UK festival and shout "vloody cloody" - see what happens... at worst, you will get a great chance to laugh at yourself. At best, you might meet some of these weird and yet wonderful people: http://vloodycloody.com
by Lady Jane January 05, 2008