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Polite and shorter way of saying "Oh my dear God!" without implying direct begging of the Man above. Coined by Ladholyman from #srvanime @ irc.rizon.net.
"Lordy!" screamed {rR}cv1per4 as he was shot multiple times in the chest, resulting in a very bloody death, by teammate {rR}Ladholyman's M5 Pump Shotgun.
by Ladholyman April 25, 2005
Microsoft P-ower P-oin-T - useful tool for school projects.
Random dude, "Hey! Wasn't that Honors Spanish PPT due tomorrow?"
Ladholyman, "Yah you better get cracking on it!"
by Ladholyman May 16, 2005
Short for P-reci-P-i-T-ate, most often used in chemistry classes that we all love.
Random dude, "Hey, I wonder what will happen if I mix this fine solution of Barium Hydroxide with Sodium Sulfate?"
Ladholyman, "Duh! Barium Sulfate will PPT!"
by Ladholyman May 16, 2005
The renowned Counter-strike play performed by the equally stunning rR clan. Fearsome and relentless, merciless and frustrating, these skills of play will haunt those who play rR forever.
rR: "Tactics time!"
Some random clan: "Oh noes! Not that again! Anything but that!"
Final Score: rR 209 : Some other clan 2

rR: "Tactics are to be feared."
by Ladholyman May 09, 2005
Name of new 2004 anime aired in Japan about two tengus, a tengu eater, and a dweeby human.
Kantarou: "Haruka you look fine today."
Haruka: "..."
by Ladholyman January 09, 2005

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