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5 definitions by Ladholyman

Polite and shorter way of saying "Oh my dear God!" without implying direct begging of the Man above. Coined by Ladholyman from #srvanime @ irc.rizon.net.
"Lordy!" screamed {rR}cv1per4 as he was shot multiple times in the chest, resulting in a very bloody death, by teammate {rR}Ladholyman's M5 Pump Shotgun.
by Ladholyman April 25, 2005
80 9
Microsoft P-ower P-oin-T - useful tool for school projects.
Random dude, "Hey! Wasn't that Honors Spanish PPT due tomorrow?"
Ladholyman, "Yah you better get cracking on it!"
by Ladholyman May 16, 2005
63 34
Short for P-reci-P-i-T-ate, most often used in chemistry classes that we all love.
Random dude, "Hey, I wonder what will happen if I mix this fine solution of Barium Hydroxide with Sodium Sulfate?"
Ladholyman, "Duh! Barium Sulfate will PPT!"
by Ladholyman May 16, 2005
43 22
The renowned Counter-strike play performed by the equally stunning rR clan. Fearsome and relentless, merciless and frustrating, these skills of play will haunt those who play rR forever.
rR: "Tactics time!"
Some random clan: "Oh noes! Not that again! Anything but that!"
Final Score: rR 209 : Some other clan 2

rR: "Tactics are to be feared."
by Ladholyman May 09, 2005
16 12
Name of new 2004 anime aired in Japan about two tengus, a tengu eater, and a dweeby human.
Kantarou: "Haruka you look fine today."
Haruka: "..."
by Ladholyman January 09, 2005
17 16