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-words vera- true & icon- image
true image

-in catholic tradition

-saint veronica

- veil of veronica

-also from berenice (pherein- brings, nikê- victory)
Veronica veils her life. Keeps always a distance. Everyone has a different impression on her. She bears secrets. Cannot be deceived. Emotionally awared at all times. Mysterious, passionate, a magnetic personality, fiery, loyal, dedicated, critical,withdrawn from the center of activity, watchful. She has the ability to get to the bottom of things. Others only get to know her up to a point, she chooses. Lively and sassy. Gets easily bored. Witchy woman.

A unicorn, but too hard to handle. Veronica makes a lot of men bitter and angry. It is not considered wise to date a man after he has dealt with Veronica, youll usually end up picking up the pieces...
#vera icon #veil of veronica #saint veronica #berenice #sassy
by Lachesis February 04, 2010
a finnish female name,

possibly a form of helvig- meaning luck in battle

hellä- tender

helle- warm summer weather
helena ?
Hellevi is a caring, youthful woman, with a strong mind of her on.
#helle #hellevi #helena #hellä #hellin #helvig
by Lachesis February 05, 2010
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