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When someone hates their PC so much they're willing to pay $3,000+ for the same PC with an Apple Logo and OSX pre-installed. (Pro-tip: you can install OSX on pretty much any computer)
Man, my PC has been crashing all the time. I think it has a trojan.

Have you considered getting a mac?

Nah, I don't have the cash to satisfy my mac envy. I think I'm gonna try Linux
by Lacedaemonius October 23, 2010
A general rule applied to any androgynous person or character. Often used in relation to emasculate emos and goths. The rule states that if one cannot determine the individual's gender within 5 seconds, the person in question is automatically a man, or dude.
I always thought Justin Bieber was actually a chick, but then I applied the dude by default rule.
by Lacedaemonius October 29, 2010
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