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acting extremely anxious and nervous for a prolongued period before an extremely important event. Mostly applied to sexual intercourse, when becoming nervous in the service can lead to premature ejaculation, no ejaculation, and/ or death.
Did John tell you about his sexual encounter?

No, how did it go?

Let's just say he got a little bit nervous in the service.
by LaChad June 02, 2007
Obviously, it's someone who has no one to cling to when the rain sets in.
Marilyn Monroe.... That bitch was a real candle in the wind. She was later found in the nude.
by LaChad March 25, 2008
A planned community which does not deserve the title "city". Legally it may be a city, but most recognize it as a suburb of Mission Viejo. Also known as "RSM" by its local starbucks-sipping tweenie bopper population.
"You're from Rancho Santa Margarita? Gee I bet that's not a planned community."

-Will Ferrell while taking a call on KROQ, a Southern California radio station
by LaChad December 07, 2007
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