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2 definitions by La-la-lucas

Is essentially someone who is annoying and naggy. These are the people who take the fun out of things or are people who ask a lot of someone else. Most commonly a seen in married women.
Example One: I woke up this morning and my wife had a huge list of shit from me to do! She is a total ass chapper!

Example Two:

Patty: Jason, take out the garbage, paint the fence, do the dishes and then fold the towels
Jason: You're totally chappin my ass right now!
by La-la-lucas July 21, 2009
3 2
A name given women who generaly suck all around. These are the girls who have no sense of humor about anything and become mean and spiteful over nothing.
Example 1: Tausha, you're a fucking twat waffle!

Example 2: I met this chick last night but she was a total twat waffle!
by La-la-lucas July 21, 2009
5 28