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In a written RPG, this refers mostly to a player controlling another player's character without permission or trying to rewrite the plot to suit themselves. In written RPGs, the owner, ie the person who started the thread in the forum, has control of the plot unless he/she gives permission.

This is something often done by noobs.
(In an RPG set in the 50s)

Jane: Daisy walked into the diner and ordered a milkshake.
Noob: Immediately a man drove his tank into the front of the diner at warp speed, and started blasting off laser guns at everyone!
Jane: You idiot, that's godmoding!

(In the same RP a little later)

Jane: Daisy walked over to talk to her best friend, who was standing by the jukebox.
Noob: Daisy immediately slapped her friend.
Jane: Stop godmoding my character!

by L_N_S March 18, 2008

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