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African-American slang which is not usually readily understood by caucasions.
Ebonics "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, they're like, it's better than yours, damn right its better than your, i could teach you, but I'd have to charge.

English "My frozen dairy treat brings all the male gender to the grassy area in the front of my residence. They say it is superior to yours. Yes, they are correct, it is far superior than yours. I could pass along this knowledge, but there would be a fee.
by lux May 02, 2004
A crunk-ass group of heads who live in moco. Makers of words such as: poose, obbles, steez, heez.
North Wheaton knows the steez...
by Lux February 25, 2004
See: head or dome

Obbles is usually used with a smacking of the lips first.
yo bitch! what's up with the *bop* obbles?
by Lux February 25, 2004
An all encompassing obsession with stools, not always of a sexual nature. The desire to take a big dump in every bathroom you find. To meticulously calculate this undertaking in a group. Fecal Fantasy Force
Billy: Gee Sally, I had the greatest Fecal Fantasy this morning.

Sally: Really Billy, what's that?

Billy: I wanna drop a deuce in every bathroom on our college campus.

Sally: My dear! What an undertaking! We may need to call for backup.


Sally: Damn right!
by LUX February 16, 2004
A cigarette. The term heez isn't used as often as jack when asking for a cigarette.
nw head #1: what's the deal with that heez?

nw head #2: you mean this jack?
by Lux February 25, 2004
A person's place of residance.
yo let's goto matt's poose and pack a binger.
by Lux February 25, 2004
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