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1 definition by LUIZA LIQUOR

A Luiza is someone who prefers to not have a label, but is labeled anyway. A Luiza is someone who loves rock music, sports, girly things, and parts of all labels. is very tomboy. Is usually a girl. and usually shows more of one label than another (one day they look preppy, one day they look scene) and has a "label of the day"; but is annoyed by it. they also say, dude (to girls and guys) and doesnt know how to spell.
A Luiza Girl-
-doesnt have her natural hair color.
-loves scene makeup
-plays sports
-her shoes are all either converse or skateboarding shoes.
-all of her shirts are slim fitting; and are either band shirts; wordtees; or have a skull on them.

A Luiza Guy-
-doesnt have long hair-but doenst have short hair. in the middle length
-plays sports
-all there shoes are either running shoes, converse,or skateboarding shoes.
-always wears a shirt that involves sports
by LUIZA LIQUOR November 26, 2006