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neon, bright, bold makeup worn by the scene kids. Girls wear many different eyeshadows at once,many different shades, as long as there bright and bold. the most commom style is bright pink under the eyes with purple, blue,green, or yellow on the top or sides..or any combination of colors
scene girl: omg! your scene makeup looks rad!
scene girl2: omg! thankyou!! thier from MAC
scene girl 1: MAC is so stellar
scenegirl 2: i know, MAC is the sex
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if done right, makeup's saving grace. when done by an untalented girl, it usually consists of greasy, thick, and messy black liner, crayola eyeshadow, or, in a departure from that, black tire-grease shadow. but when done by a talented girl it is colorful, detail-oriented, and articulate. can be quite pretty.
scene makeup can be darn cute, if the right person applies it.
by cupcakee<3 June 02, 2007
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