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2 definitions by LTetrisBlock

A small object that makes muffins better. It is made of grass, an ankle bone, a knee bone, a wishbone. It is commonly mistaken for green rositti, which contains meat.
Frank Zappa: Make a muffin betta with a little green rosetta.
by LTetrisBlock September 28, 2007
The act of shitting on a person's head. The name is derived from its resemblance to the fez, a type of moroccan hat. Most would describe this as degrading.
"Jim has got to be a fecalphila, the other night he gave a woman a moroccan makeover after having sex with her."
"Bill got jumped in an ally by a gang of teens. After they beat him up they gave him a moroccan makeover to further degrade him."
by LTetrisBlock October 14, 2006