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Sandmannd sandmannd1~

sand-man-nd Meaning and Definition (Secondary)

1) (v. t. slang) A term used for a male supporter of the Obama movement.

2) (v. t. slang) A word to describe a male who is politically inept but feels his political views are worth being told to the world. Even when no one cares. (verb)

3) (verb-ish) In meaning of political inadequacy when the person expresses, trolls, trolling his political views in a public on line forum.

4) (verb) To have and or express liberal tendencies.
1) "He is a true sandmannd. He carried his Obama sign high when protesting the Republican convention in St. Paul MN during the 2008 election"

2) "He sure is a sandmannd when it comes to talking about political stuff. I wished he would get a clue"

3) "Oh boy! I had to PM you. We have another sandmannd sounding off in the general political forum. Where do these people get their political information from?"
by LSFer May 26, 2009

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