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A play on the name Raggedy Ann, the retro doll that your grandmothers gay uncle played with when he was four. Faggety Andy is most often described as a metro or entirely homosexual man who is displaying his semi-manlihood, semi-flamer actions in a way where his friends will make fun of him by calling him it.
Friend One: I like pie.
Metro friend: Pie is SO good it makes me squeel when it touches my tounge. Its almost like that one time when I got sprayed by the water hose and I squeeled like a little piggy!
Friend Two:...your such a Faggety Andy.... O.o
by LOVELESS_FF7 April 26, 2010
Pronounced (two-bees), not (tubby-s). Got it? Good.
(Read Example First)
When undergoing the changes of puberty, girls' breast grow and in most cases, the use of a bra will help make them grow into perky, attractive, men pleasers. However, growth can become an enemy. Without any means of stopping the "flood", the breasts will become elongated, larger than average, and saggy.Gross, right?
In the elderly.....i guess the breasts become a little tired....and fall. Verrry low. This is the best example of a tubie. In youths, the breasts are more pancake-like, and not a good example. In the elderly, however, the breasts are skinny, long, and to be honest....repulsive. That, my friends, is a tubie. And you're staring straight at them.
Did you forget about that? Yeah, remember? You're in high class resturaunt. And you're eyeballing a pair of long, skinny, old fart boobs. That's right. Perv.
So, tubies is the combination of the words Tube and Boobies. Essentially, tube boobs. So the next time you see a nice family getting together for the evening, and the old fartbag accross from you possesses two of the most turn-off body parts in the world, you can tell all of your friends exactly what you saw.
You're going to your favorite place, Longhorn's, Outback, wherever, and you sit at your table. You pick up the menu, though you don't really need it because you already know what you're going to order. The top of the menu is juuust high enough to cover your vision of the table in front of yours. That is, until you set it down.
You do just that, and you glance at the next table. You're kind of shocked, at first. Its not the first time you've seen them, but it sort of caught you a little of guard. You can't stop staring because....its just TOO good. Sitting maybe ten feet from you, in front of the two children, enjoying a nice salad is Grandma Tubies.
by LOVELESS_FF7 April 28, 2010

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