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My Beautiful Angel who i call cupcake, she has the best personality and has powerful eyes once i stare into them im trapped with love, she makes my heart numb in that fantastic way and makes it race wild, she thinks shes not beautiful or thats what she says but she is, she lives miles n miles away n she changed my life she has soft skin and she is the best kisser and i am her first kiss, im defently coming back to visit her from the uk for her cos i love her i call her cupcake
"Friend: "Stephanie Langlais" is on
Me: gets excited

Stephanie: Im mad at you *playing about*
Me/edward: oh my gwooosh, stwoooop ittttt *taking the micky out of her*
i love you with all my heart cupcake"
by LOVEBUGuk July 21, 2010

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