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completely hypocritical, some (not all) but some escape over the border to our beautiful nation to work for $.25 an hour and take pride in the nation they just escaped from, now im not sayin i hate mexicans hell i love em love the food and the people , but theyre pride for the nation that they try to get away from is so sad, if the united states were treatin me bad ( theyre not i love america through and through) i wouldnt take pride in it at that time, especially if i escaped it , basically im tellin mexicans be proud of your heritage but enough with the blastin of the music and the long ass parades that makes it harder than hell to drive through when goin to work . and if your in america and you have a mexican flag up atleast put up an american flag too! there finally some one told them...
mexican: god bless america the land that i came here legally and adopted as my nation this way i can make it in the country and be somethin unlike sitting on a step listening to in truth polka with spanish in it and ONLY loving my mexican pride.
by LORD1 November 12, 2005

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