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Imarni's are wonderful, they have a lot of respect and are amazing people to talk to, they have a lot of energy and have the biggest heart. Imarni's are good friends and will love there friends a lot. They are beautiful and have natural beauty, they do not wear any make-up and they have the most wonderful smile.
My girlfriend is a imarni, I love her more than anything in the world, she shows me love and has a lot of respect for me&others.
by Loogan February 08, 2013
A great and terrible movie leaving you fealing as if somehow and in some way your the cause of everything is your fault and god loves you a little less.
AJ, "whats the matter Logan"?
Logan, "I just watched Requiem for a Dream..."
Mike, Dear god NO GOD!!!"
Logan, "why do i have to suck......its all my fault....
by LOOGAN November 20, 2011

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